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Deepanshu Garg

Deepanshu GargĀ  is a tech enthusiast with a keen interest in drones, specifically in the field of agriculture. With a deep understanding of drone technology and its applications in optimizing agricultural practices, Deepanshu brings a unique perspective to the intersection of drones and farming. Alongside their passion for drones, Deepanshu also possesses extensive expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), helping businesses and individuals maximize their online presence and visibility through effective digital marketing strategies with Over 15 yrs of experience

What is Telemetry in drones?

Understanding Telemetry in Drones: Real-time Data for Enhanced Flight Control Introduction: Telemetry Systems: Gathering Crucial Data during Flight Real-time Feedback and Monitoring Data Analysis and Future Optimization Advanced Features Enabled by Telemetry Conclusion:

What is Way points in Drones?

Waypoints in drones are predetermined geographic locations or coordinates that the drone is programmed to follow during its flight. These waypoints consist of specific points in space with associated latitude, longitude, and potentially altitude values. Drones equipped with GPS capabilities can utilize waypoints to autonomously… Read More »What is Way points in Drones?

Drone riots monitoring in India

Drone Assistance in Evacuation Operation Amidst Violence in Manipur’s Kakching District

In the wake of fresh violence that erupted in Manipur’s Kakching District, leaving villagers from Sugnu and Serou stranded and vulnerable, the security forces stepped in to protect and evacuate them to safety. The clashes resulted in injuries and significant damage to both private and… Read More »Drone Assistance in Evacuation Operation Amidst Violence in Manipur’s Kakching District