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HP Gov is deploying drones to manage tourist on new year eve

Drones to play a big role and help local authorities to manage tourist  this new year

India is on its way to use drones in Multiple ways, Indian Gov is keen interested in Making India a drone hub and make India self reliant in drones by 2030

After Central Gov. , Now state governments are realizing the important  and usage of drone. In a recent event Gov. of Himachal Pradesh has decided to deploy drones in managing the tourist inflow in state during the peak tourist season this year end

As per the local authorities they will be deploying drones in major entry points of States like Shimla Manali etc to manage and collect data about tourist .

The Police Headquarters has issued instructions  for using of drones to keep a track on incoming tourist traffic and collect data regarding that  which can  be used to direct the traffic , arrange cranes and towing vans to unblock the traffic due to wrongly parked vehicles

Amidst COVID  19 return , Drones can also help local authorities to manage and avoid tourist gathering and enforcing COVID protocols

Prince Kukreja, Vice President of Shimla Hotel and Restaurant Association also speak on the white Christmas where both the locals and tourist enjoy their time and large number of tourists are seen in the resorts in Himachal to enjoy their Christmas Holidays.

We are hopeful to touch the pre-Covid tourist inflow figures by the year-end as December is the peak tourist season,” said managing director of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) Amit Kashyap.

Yet another useful deployment of drones specially its utility in hilly area is been proven again , Earlier Uttrakhand was the first Indian state to get a dedicate drone corridor.


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