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Indian to be Tech Hub Need 1 Lakh drone pilots by 2023- Says Anurag Thakur

Indian will be a hub of drone technology and will require 1 Lakh Drone pilots by 2023 – Says Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting , Mr Anurag Thakur , while adressing a gathering after flagging the ‘Drone Yatra 2.0’, in Chennai.

Mentioning SWAMITWA scheme (Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in village areas) , survey of land , farms and villages will be done through Drones across country , Apart from SWAMITWA  scheme , roles of drones are increasing in every field including drones in agriculture for spraying pesticides etc .

He added ” We , as a nation was mesmerized with the performance of 1000+ Drones in beating the retreat function , by Indian startup  “Botlab Dynamics” led by IIT alumini. “Prime Minister Modi once remarked that ‘India has a billion solutions to a million problems.’ As a country of a billion plus people, India is increasingly leveraging technology to stay ahead of the curve,” Thakur said.

Role of drones in India is been increasing on a rapid pace.

Here are some of the major events in past that justify the features the future of drones

  1. India’s First dedicated drone corridor in Uttrakhand
  2. ICMR set rules for usage of drones in Medical Usage 
  3. Mumbai to adopt drones for fire fighting

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