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Garuda aerospace is all set for India’s First Global Expansion in Drone sector

Garuda Aerospace Starts its Global expansion to set up Drone production unit in Malaysia in JV with HiiLSE Drones


Recently Mahendra Singh Dhoni has invested in Garuda Aerospace and now Garuda aerospace is again in News for its new expansion overseas.

Garuda Aerospace has made a joint venture with HiiLSE Drones to set up a Drone production Unit in Malaysia in approx 2.5 hectare of land

According to spokesperson of Garuda Technology , this expansion will reduce the production cost and will serve the Government and private sector in this region

In a statement, HiiLSE Drones founder and CTO, Shanmugam S. Thanggavilo said a drone manufacturing plant in Malaysia will reduce costs and help in creating 3,000 jobs centered around drone expertise.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace said this expansion will help us produce high end drones with more advance features like Machine learning , Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning

“With this partnership, Garuda Aerospace has transcended into India’s most valuable drone start-up poised to scale globally and belief that the future is here and now,” he said.

Earlier this month Former Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has invested a undisclosed amount in this Drone Startup 

“This partnership will surely generate drones with best cutting edge technology and will benefit the region . Garuda been the most valued Drone Startup will gain capabilities to compete the world market which is been currently dominated by China , Turkey and Israel. Hopefully we can see some more business tie ups in future.

The drone are making strong presence in various sector specially future of agriculture drone seems to be very bright, Drone are ready to give Indian agriculture a makeover” Said’s Deepanshu Garg




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