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Helicopter Shot Expert Dhoni is now a drone expert

After retirement, MS DHONI is now starting a new inning  as a Drone entrepreneur, Becoming a shareholder of Chennai based Garuda Aerospace

Key Points

Former Indian Captain, World Cup winner, and a Hero for Indian Cricket fans, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has recently joined Chennai-based Drone startup as a shareholder and brand Ambassador. The amount invested has not been disclosed by either side or the shareholding has been made public

Dhoni Invest in Drones sector in India

After retirement, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has invested in a number of ventures including restaurants, Clothing, liquor, etc. Now it has been confirmed that Dhoni will be batting on side of garuda aerospace.

Drones in India is an emerging market and they have been in the Indian government’s Good books, Recently Indian Government has announced various schemes and subsidy for the drone sector in India, Like the PLI (production linked Incentive ) scheme of Rs 120 cr, inaugurated drone Mahotsav in Delhi, etc

“I’m happy to be a part of Garuda Aerospace and look forward to witnessing their growth story with the unique drone solutions they have to offer,” MS Dhoni said.

On the other hand, Garuda is happy to onboard Captain cool in its Board Meeting. Mr. Jayaprakash is very keen and seems to be optimistic about Captian Cool’s dedication

The company said it has 300 drones and 500 pilots operating in 26 cities. The start-up aims to achieve business growth for all industries, regardless of the growth stage, and wants to help combat the ever-worsening problem of climate change through personalized afforestation plans and AI data collection.

Drones4india founder Mr. Deepanshu further adds that “It been good news not only for the Garuda Aerospace but the Drone sector as a whole will be  beneficial from this, Everyone knows about the dedication of M S Dhoni and his dedication can help Drones reach the masses, benefitting not only garuda aerospace but usage of drone in various sector, Especially uses of Drones in Agriculture





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