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Investor News- Drone industry can be next revolution , an investor should not miss

Key Highlights

  1. The Indian Drone sector is booming with promising growth rates.
  2. The government is showing Keen interest in developing the drone sector and making India self-reliant by 2030
  3. The entry of Big players like Ambani and Adani shows the potential of this sector
  4. Drones could be the next big thing and GOI is trying to make it even BIGGER
  5. Experts believe one should not miss this opportunity to invest in an upcoming sector
  6. Currently, the Drone sector is limited, once it’s been pushed to the masses it will be the next big thing in India, especially the agriculture sector seems to be very excited  by Kisan drone and drone assisted farming

Till now Indian Drone market is largely focused on photography and was ruled by Chinese drones, But now the stones are turning around at a rapid pace. Today advanced drones are not limited to merely aerial photography with high-resolution cameras, rather they are marking presence in almost all segments including but not limited to Defense, Agriculture drones , Surveillance drones , Law enforcement, thermal imagining, metrological analysis, empowering logistic supply, speeding up medical services by transporting pathological samples via drones, Delivering Covid-19 vaccines in Telengana through drone and a lot more

Recently Capital also witness India’s largest drone Mahotsav, and even Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi cannot resist visiting.  GOI seems to be keenly interested in making its next big move in the Indian economy and want to make India a superpower by 2030  for this they have launched a PLI scheme for drone and their spare parts manufacturer.

Drone Industry for the first time finds its place in Union Budget making a strong decision for subsidies for farmers to buy agricultural drones.

The drone is also flying high in the stock market as well. and becoming investors’ favorite egg to keep in the basket for long before it hatches

Let’s take a look at some of the stocks related to drones that are performing extremely well

Paras defense:-  The company rolled out its IPO in September last year and since then it has booked a profit of 25% which makes its investor richer

Zen technologies:- Headquartered in Hyderabad, Zen technologies offers logistic solutions via drone. its stock has surged nearly 150% in last 1 year

Rattan enterprises:- Known for its e byke on the brand name of revolt, the company also has a fully owned subsidiary  called Neosky India, Its shares have been bearish by 160% as compared to last year

Bharat Electronics:- A Government-owned Navratan company engaged in making a large number of products and responsible for the development of many defense needs including radar systems, naval systems, and Drones too. Its stock surged by 60% in the last 1 year

Source:-  Businessinsider


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