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Drone Takes a New avtar – Now its can even catch fish for you

After surveillance , photography, logistic, and agriculture drones, now its time to welcome Drone the fisherman


Key Points

  1. Drone are marking their presence everywhere
  2. The drone is the next big thing
  3. The entry of Big business houses like Ambani and Adani in this segment shows how important this sector will be in future
  4. The government of India is keenly interested to boost this segment
  5. Now drones are also used in the Fishing industry 

In the last few weeks Drones are part of big news, no matter if it’s due to the role of drones in Russia Ukraine war, Drone Mahotsav in Delhi, a prototype of drone taxis in the future, or approval of usage of drones in Indian agriculture.

Experts say drones are the next big thing to come and we are about to witness the drone revolution.

Hawai people have innovated a new way to use drones, Hawaiian people are fond of gain trevally, A powerful predator and stubborn fish that hides in coral reefs, camouflage itself and hard to find out, especially if there is any noise from fishing boat engines,

But  Brandon, a 35 yrs old resident of Hawaii come up with an idea,

He uses drones to search for such fishes in places where the probability of finding fishes are higher, as soon he spot the right place he triggers the fishing gear and the wait for the dinner with his  metallic counterpart, He enjoys fish and his counterpart enjoys 110V electricity

Drones are commercially more easily available with higher payload capacity and longer flight time, now with evolution there are waterproof and can carry heavy loads that vibrate at an abnormal speed.

With the increasing technology, we can also witness submarine drones that can easily float and glide into the water, powered by sonar can other marine exploration devices.

Although not all the people have the same opinion, some people are concerned about the environmental challenges like drone can disturb the marine environment , some says, fishing through drone is a waste of time, since the noise and disturbance by drones makes it harder for fishes to come nearby

But still, Drone fishery is a glimpse of the future and is yet to make its way before it can be used by common people, Although we are hopeful with drones getting evolved with sonar and other assistive technology to make it easier to catch fish

Hopefully soon in India itself, we will find it common to use drones for fishing just like we are focused more on agriculture drones right now

Source:- Smithsonian magazine



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