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Postal Department uses drone for delivery for the first time

After  Telangana deliver vaccines through Drones and Uttarakhand delivered pathological samples via drones, now its Postal department in Gujrat delivers Medicines in the Kutch region via Drones

India wishes to build an indigenous Drone ecosystem containing agriculture drones, logistic and survey drones

Drone plot project by Indian Postal

Drone pilot project by indian post

The Department of Post in Kutch has for the first time delivered a parcel containing medicinal supply to 46 Km in 25 Minutes using drones, said to the postal officers on Sunday

The parcel was delivered from Habay village in Bhuj to Ner village in Bhachau Taluka by Indian Postal department. The whole operation took under the guidance and surveillance of the Union Ministry of Communication

According to news shared on Twitter by Union Minister of states for communication Mr. Devusinh Chouhan, The parcel contained medical-related material The project was carried out to study the cost of transportation through drones and seek the opportunity of extending the delivery arm via drone logistics.

Not only this, the major focus of the drone project is to establish coordination between the sender and receiving staff.

Chauhan tweeted on Saturday, “While the country is celebrating the Drone Festival 2022, the Department of Posts has successfully conducted a pilot test of delivering mail through drones in Kutch, Gujarat. The drone successfully carried the medicine parcel covering an aerial distance of 46 km in 30 minutes.”

India is witnessing rapid development in drones,

IN the last few days we have diagnostic sample transportation by Drone in Uttrakhand, then drone Mahotsav featuring drone Taxi, followed by Adani’s acquisition of general aeronautics, and now Medical transportation via Drone in Gujrat.

This project will also prove beneficial to our security forces for speedy logistics since the area of kutch is marshy land and many times it’s not feasible to carry out normal logistic operations.




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