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PM Modi to fly Drone on inaugural day of Drone Mahotsav on May 27

Union Aviation Minister Mr. Jyotiraditya Sindhiya  says India is poised to be a drone hub by 2030

India is Soon to be witnessing the first of its kind Drone carnival called Drone Mahotsav. This will be a historic movement where PM Mr Naredra Modi will not only inaugurate a drone Mahotsav but will also fly a professional drone in his 90 minutes visit to the carnival followed by a conversation with drone stakeholders.

Mr. Modi will be the first Prime Minister who will be flying a professional drone in a Public gathering. The Mahotsav is scheduled to be held on 27 and 27 May 2022 in Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

It is also assumed that a prototype of a drone Taxi developed by IIT madras will also be displayed in the exhibition, This drone taxi is likely to get approval by 2025.

The exhibition will house a variety of stakeholders with 200 participants and 1600 + delegations including manufacturers, service providers, and operating companies engaged in various kinds of drones like defense, Agricultural drones, Monitoring weather, afforestation, etc

This is just a glimpse, it is assumed that more than 20 cabinet ministers will visit the Mahotsav, with forty diplomats around the world and 40 + state ministers from different states. In short, this Mahotsav will be a grand carnival with heavy VVIP movement

The event also shows India’s willpower and dedication to dominate the global drone industry, Drone industry is been a top priority for Modi Gov. Through its various schemes like the PLI scheme for Drone Production gov has already trying to scale up the drone industry in India

Union Aviation Minister Mr. Jyotiraditya  Sindhiya also stated that India will acquire a leading position globally by 2030, Drone is an emerging tech revolution with its roles in mining, power, rural development, etc particularly he is more  excited about the uses of Drones in Agriculture as Kissan Drones

Source :- https://www.timesnownews.com/india/pm-modi-to-fly-drone-on-inaugural-day-of-drone-mahotsav-slated-on-may-27-article-91773174


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