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India got its first commercial Drone Corridor in Uttrakhand

Redcliff Labs , A United States based diagnostic firm has recently launches India’s First Commercial Drone Corridor

Medical delivery by drones in India

Medical delivery by drones in IndiaMr Dheeraj Jain , Founder of RedCliffe Labs , says in a interview that “Uttarkashi to Dehradun by road is144 Kms and due to traffic issue it takes almost 6-8 hrs. by road and may take upto 12 hrs. in case of Landslide of adverse weather conditions, But using Drone we can effectively cover this distance in merely 88 minutes with one battery swap, ”

This project is a part of Redcliffe and SkyeAir joint venture , this tie up has tested over 40+ successful trials  in north India

This seems to be very interesting since the the distance in mountain is maily due to curves and turns around mountain , if this can be ignored the aerial distance is very less as compared to same scenario in Plains

The diagnostic firm delivers 5 KG of payload in a temperature controlled box  from Uttrakashi to Dehradun which sums up around 60 Kms aerial

The company also announced that from 10th June , Company will operate 2 flights on daily basis from Uttrakashi to Dehradun.

Company is also planning to extend its drone aerial initiative in other parts of the country .

“Redcliffe Labs is planning to expand its operations in the country through a series of upcoming initiatives in the next 12 months. By leveraging drone technology in India to collect Dx samples is one such initiative.” further said Dheeraj Jain.

According to WEF( World Economic Forum) this is part of “Medicine from the Sky ” project  has successfully delivered over 3 Lakh vaccines  to heath care professional in Telengana  state specially for communities living in dense forest of Ananthagiri District

We can see a spike in Drone operation in future as Gov Of India is already planning to Make India self reliant in Drone sector by 2030 .

Recently GOI has also introduced PLI scheme for drone manufactures worth Rs 120 CR .



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