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GoI plans to make India Drone super power by 2030

Government boost Drone Industry in India

With a vision to counter China as a manufacturing Hub and for Drones to play a major role in the future economic engine. The government of India aims to make India a Global Superpower by 2030

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has always been a supporter of the latest techniques and more overly developing/importing those techniques in India. Many of the past deals that India signed shows that India is now keenly interested in developing the production technology rather than just importing the finished goods, UP defense corridor, JV between TATA and Boing, PLI scheme for semiconductor are some of the events that provide us a clear picture of India’s BIG dream

Make in india Drones

Make in india Drones

IN the same lieu Indian government has realized that Drone is the upcoming revolution and will change the way the leading industries like Logistic, transportation, healthcare , defence, and agriculture work

Let’s take a look at some of the recent events that shows India’s urge to become a Drone Superpower by 2030

Focus on Drones in Union BUdget 2022

Indian government via finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman in union Budget 2022  has announced subsidy to Indian Farmer for a pilot project worth Rs 200 CR under its inclusive development program to use Kisan drones in India for crop assessment, digitalization of land records and spraying of pesticides, etc.

 Read the full article on union Budget by TOI her

PLI scheme for Drones in India

GOI has announced a PLI scheme for drones and its spare part manufacturer to encourage the manufacturing of drones in India. 14 companies have been selected  by the April 2022 , bypassing the red tapisim as prevailed in Indian bureaucracy

Read the press release about the PLI scheme for drones

DRDO playing its role for strategic Drones

DRDO is the leading player in this Race with its RUSTOM and Netra Drone, DRDO is aiming to develop high-end drones that can cater to the need of the Indian Army keeping in View future warfare. These Drones will decrease our dependency on Countries like Isreal and USA for strategic drones.

It cannot be predicted that DRDO is limited to military drones only, the part of the technique that can help India cater to its civil need can be made public or shared with non military stakeholder as well, DRDO has a history of this

Prime Minister to inaugurate Mega drone event in Delhi India

Capital of India to Witness the largest drone festival at the Pragati Maidan New Delhi.

A mega drone event is about to happen on May 27 and 28 at Pagati Maidan New Delhi. This event will host drones that will give you a glimpse of the future, with drone taxis, strategic drones, Surveillance drones, agricultural drone,s etc

Read the full article here 

India get its first commercial drone corridor

Uttrakhand becomes the first Indian State to launch a commercial Drone corridor from Uttarkashi to Dehradun by a private diagnostic player. It opened gates for drone assisted logistics in India , read here 

and many more

The above list shows development in just kast 2 months, this speed shows India’s dedication to developing a ecosystem driven by Drones in India



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