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Trinity F90+ Drone gets DGCA Approval

Trinity F90+ from Quantum Systems, Germany, receives the DGCA Certification for being NPNT Compliant

Trinity F90+ is a VTOL fixed-wing drone in the Small category with an endurance of 90 minutes and delivers a 5 cm accuracy allowing its users to cover a large area effortlessly with great results in lesser time.

Trinity F90+ is one of the drones used by the Survey of India to map rural areas of India as part of Svamitva Yojana.

We congratulate the Roter Group and Quantum Systems towards getting the certification.

About Svamitiva Yojana:
Svamitva Yojana is the flagship initiative of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj under which the inhabited land parcels of over 6.6 lakh villages of India will be surveyed using drones.

The drone surveys will generate land records which will enable the issuance of accurate land ownership documents. This shall improve the financial stability of the rural population as they would be able to use their property as a financial asset for taking loans and other financial benefits.

About Roter Precision Instruments:
Roter Precision Instruments Pvt. Ltd fonte dell’articolo.  (Erstwhile, Ansari Precision Instruments Pvt Ltd) part of Roter Group of Companies was established in early 1978 with an explicit focus to concentrate on providing surveying solutions in niche areas by integrating surveying hardware, software application, and consultation services.

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