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How to apply for UAOP on DigitalSky

Here’s a quick guide on how to apply for UAOP on the DigitalSky Platform. We hope the information below helps the industry apply for the UAOP seamlessly.

Part 1. Signup on DigitalSky

Create an account on the DigitalSky Platform. It is a good idea to start with a Remote Pilot Profile as it requires basic identification documents during the UIN Process and the process itself is quite simple for the same.

Part 2. Pay fees on Bharat Kosh Website

The fees for UAOP Application is Rs. 25000. Pay the requisite fees using the Quick Payment section of the BharatKosh website. Select the following options during the payment process:
Ministry/Department: 029 – Civil Aviation & Tourism
Purpose: Operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Rule 15A
Payment Type: Grant of Permit (Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit)
Make sure that you save your payment receipt. You will need to upload it on the DigitalSky Platform.

Part 3. Apply for UAOP License

Next, the user is required to complete the UAOP License process. You can start the process by visiting the ‘My Dashboard’ page from the dropdown menu in the top-right section of the navigation bar.

Complete the UAOP application process by clicking on ‘Apply for UAOP License’ and follow the steps on the screen. For Step 1, fill in your Name and Designation. Please see the reference image below:

Submit the details to go to step 2.
Upload the following documents:

Security Program Document:
Prepare the security program document as per the Security Program for RPAS (SPRPAS)
Sample Security Program Document 

Insurance Document:
Copy of Insurance Policy for RPAS. As per rules, only third-party liability insurance is mandatory. You can purchase insurance seamlessly using the Tropogo App ( or contact other insurance companies for purchasing the insurance policy.

Land Owner Permission Document
As per rule, you are required to have the permission of the land owner for the place from where the RPAS will takeoff or land. As the UAOP is valid for 5 years. You are required to maintain a logbook for the same.
Sample Land Owner Log Book Format (Click here)

Standard Operating Procedures:
Every RPAS Operator is mandated to develop, maintain and follow Standards Operating Procedures during each RPAS Operation. An organisation may choose to prepare their own SOP and may use the sample SOP provided.
Sample SOP Format (WIP)

Details of fees paid
Upload the copy of your Bharat Kosh Payment Receipt

Please refer to the reference image below for uploading the documents
Verify the details on the next page and submit the application form. You will be able to track the status of the application on ‘My Dashboard’. After completing this process you are required to get your Security Clearance documents verified physically at the Regional DGCA Office in your city or DGCA HQ in New Delhi. The concerned officials at DGCA HQ for the same as per DigitalSky Platform are Sh. Raj Kumar, Assistant Director (Ops) and Sh. Pramod Nagare – Assistant Director (Ops). They can be reached at and respectively.

After approval, your Application Status will turn green as shown in the image below:

Congratulations on receiving your UAOP.

Note: This process may be improved during the next update of the Digital Sky Platform. You can reach out to us in the comments section below or at for any queries regarding the UAOP process.

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